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This is English version book of “Euphorbia francoisii - The Jewel of Succulent Euphorbias” is a book that tells the story of “Francois” - from the direct experience of Mr. Lek, Santiporn Sangchai, an artistic super breeder who founded Little One Plant Nursery in Thailand. 


Euphorbia francoisii is a succulent plant that was, till recently, just one more overlooked plant – one of the very many succulent Euphorbias. In this species, the caudex is not so big and the leaves have only a little colour, so few people were interested in collecting or developing it. However, there was one man who quietly went against the world’s mainstream, Mr. Lek, Santiporn Sangchai, the founder of Little One Plant Nursery. This book tells the story of both this nursery, and the new varieties grown there. While no one else saw the value of this plant, the author saw its possibilities and enjoyed experimental breeding, selecting varieties and developing them continually. He did so with fascination and diligence for more than ten years until this overlooked plant became one which is outstanding and beautiful and which is gaining in popularity amongst plant collectors.

Euphorbia francoisii;The Jewel of Succulent Euphorbias "ENGLISH version"


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