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Aloe somaliensisis is CITES II


You will get Aloe somaliensis in this picture. Its name in the phytosanitary certificate will be Aloe hybrids. This list does not include the permit (phytosanitary certificate) which costs $35.  You will need only one permit for all items in your cart. 


ATTENTION: You will bear responsibility should damage or loss occur to your shipment without a permit when it is required.  Please consider this before proceeding with your order.


Please make a VDO when you open the package. If the plant dies when it arrives, We will refund or resend it. All shipments also have buyer protection by PayPal.




**  USA. customers must have an import permit and Plant Protected Permit (PPP). 

- Guide to processing the import permit in the USA.Go to the "USDA APHIS" website and look for the info about importing plants. That will lead you to the links to apply for the permits. The regular permit is free and can be done online. The restricted permit costs $70 and requires you to go to a USDA office. It is quite fast to get an import permit in hand.

- For The Plant Protected Permit (PPP), you can process it online via the link below, and costs $70. The permit lasts for 2 years and can be used many times. Apply for permit number •PPQ 621 - Application for Protected Plant Permit to Engage in the Business of Importing, Exporting, or Re-exporting Protected Plants (CITES) • Select Miami port

Aloe somaliensis (E287)

SKU: E287

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