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Mixture for succulents

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

At Little One Plat Nursery, we prepare our own growing media, which in general, come in 2 formulas: soil and peat mixture.

  • Peat mixture works well for germination and seedlings and the proportion is coco-peat or peat moss 3: rice husk ash 2: small pumice 2: perlite 2: coarse sand 1

  • Soil mixture works well for full-grown plants or those that need good drainage. The proportion is soil 1: pumice 8 (small 3: medium 3: large 2): coarse sand 1

We then add slow-release fertilizer to allow the plant to absorb nutrients gradually and grow in a controlled rate so it doesn’t lose its good form. We also add Starkle G to help fight pest in the mixture.

Pumice enhances water drainage, and note that we use different sized pumice.

Strewn on the surface, we use red pumice to help trapping the moisture in. They should bear some weight so they do not get washed or spilled off the pot easily. Pebbles or washed sand for gardening can also be used. If cash is not the issue, Akadama can be used, so your plant would stand elegantly in the pot.

Whichever mixture formulas you choose, the key is to notice how the plant responds to the new substrate, and adjust if needed. For example, it may need better water drainage, then add more pumice. When you get your plant into your place, the ambiance has changed from wherever it was originated from, so you must look for any change that it may react to the changes in short and long term. Adjust the growing media to best suit the plant in your own surrounding.

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