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Plants Unboxing to Potting

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

After Long Distance Shipping.

Shipping the plants over a long period of time should do without the growing media. They are to stay healthy without light and water for as long as they can. After you receive them, unwrap the root system carefully. Let dry, and store under shade for 1 night to allow the plant to adjust to the new environment.

Check the plant for stench or mushy root or stem. Rip off the dry leaves, stems and root. Clean and apply fungicide. Check again that the plant is still strong from top to bottom, and roots are still moist and clear. Store under shade for 1 night to allow the plant to adjust to the new environment.

Depending on the type of plant, pot it with either peat or soil growing media. ( See our formula here #Mixtureforsucculents or ) Water the pot and keep under shade. Wait to see signs if the plant is still healthy, for instance, new leaf or new root shoot. Then it is ready to receive sunlight however much depends on the plant. Some leafy plants are to stay covered in a plastic bag to trap moisture that hastens plant recovery.

To prepare the plant for shipping, dip into Captan protect it from rotting, and Trichoderma from fungi. Rip off the lower most leaves. Sphagnum moss may be used to cover the root system, then with aluminum foil wrap-over, to trap the moisture with the plant longer. It is now ready to be packed. Shipping with its pot is possible for domestic, as long as the substrate is not too damp or the root may rot with it.

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