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How to grow Dorstenia gypsophila seed

Here are some of the techniques to grow Dorstenia gypsophila seeds:

Use small pots to distribute the seeds. Mr. Lek use 10 seeds per pot. This can both keep birds and nuisance away, and control damage in its own pot should one rot.

  • Do not mix incompatible desert coconuts in the same pot in terms of germination rate, round leaf shape like Dorstenia foetida. Dorstenia lavrani and gypsophila can be on the same pot because the germination rates are close and they do not interfere with each other.

  • Use coco-peat growing media formula found in #Mixtureforsucculents at Little One Plant Nursery. This formula can be used with all types of seeds. Prepare the media in the pot, water, and spray fungicide, such as Captan or Metalaxyl, on the surface. Strew the seeds, then a thin layer of pumice over the surface. But if using a large pot, the order of pumice and the seeds should reverse, because watering the surface will bring the seeds under the pumice eventually. Spray Captan or Metalaxyl again. The seeds should germinate within 5-7 days. Beyond that the chances of germination are very slim.

  • During this 5-7 day waiting period, should the pot feel light or the moisture in the pot go lower than 20% or more than 80% look dry, then the pot should be watered. Set the pot on a water tray to allow it to absorb water. Do not sprinkle from above as it will cause the seeds to bounce off.

  • Do not apply fertilizer or any antifungal spray when the seedlings are fragile because they will rot and die.

  • When the seedling is about 1.5 inches tall, it can go into its own pot as the root system is still not very long, no need to clean, rendering the process of changing pot easy and safe. The seedling will recuperate quickly and the leaves will not fall off.

For more details, Please watch this vdo

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